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"Brian Bagnall & Matthew Lesko's Webinar Converts Like Gangbusters at $3.34 to $5.47 EPC!"

(You Get 25% Of Your Commissions Within 15 Days!)

* 25% of commissions paid in 15 days for those affiliates that do $25K or more on a webinar

From:      Brian Bagnall & Matthew Lesko (“The Question Mark Guy”)
Re:           FREE Money

Hi, it’s Brian Bagnall & Matthew Lesko here and welcome to the private, by invitation ONLY “Free Government Money Vault” JV invite page!

We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to visit this page and get further details.  We’ll give you a quick low down on who we are, the product, and how you can sign up as a JV and make some serious commissions!

So here it goes…

Who Are We?

558237_3336524105573_1066211900_nBrian has been directly responsible for many millions in increased revenue for his clients through his marketing consulting.  He’s had several successful product launches including The Facebook Ad Formula which was a six figure success.  He’s also shared the stage with marketing legends like Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrell, Mark Anastasi, Marshall Sylver, Jeremy Schoemaker, Steven Essa and Rich Schefren just to name a few.

Matthew is the #1 expert on Free Government Money and he’s consulted some of the biggest corporations in the world on how to get free money from the government.  He’s gotten well over $10,000,000 in free money for his customers.  He made the New York Times Best Seller List not once, but TWICE.

Check Out What the Media Has to Say:

“Matthew Lesko knows more about government than most of it’s high-level executives.”
— Chicago Sun Times

“Matthew Lesko is becoming the Federal Government’s best advance man since Uncle Sam.”
— USA Today

Matthew has been featured on these networks and TV shows:

media2                       media3                       media1                       media4

Why You Should Promote…

You’re a high-baller, so we won’t BS you with hype.  You’ve got your pick of top-selling offers.  So let’s talk numbers, and see why promoting for us might make sense for you:

1. Your people will love you for sharing HIGH-VALUE content about one of the HOTTEST topics always… how to get free money and help to start a business!

2. You’ll earn $197 commissions on every sale you make.  Do the math… make money!  🙂  Top affiliates will earn themselves a $40,000+ check.

3. SUPER low refund rates (7%).  This is because we do whatever it takes to help our students succeed, including weekly calls with Matthew and free custom search reports letting the student know where the easy money can be found that he/she qualifies for.

4. We set the cookie time to have no expiration.

5. Enrollment will be limited, therefore there is REAL built in scarcity. And that’s because of 2 very simple reasons…

6. We’re providing buyers with a No-Holds-Barred small group coaching call every week.  We’re not just going to throw a course at them and leave them alone to fumble in the dark.

7. We plan on having a lot of interaction with students and we really don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

8. Highly trained support staff already in place to support your customers.  We don’t leave anyone hanging.

9. All you need to do is send out our proven swipe copy, and let us handle the details for our webinar.

10. If you support us hard, we’ll support you hard! If you’ve ever worked with us before you already know we support those who support us.  For starters, we’ll do a reciprocal mailing for our top 10 affiliates.

The Ultimate ACHIEVABLE Prize

Don’t you hate affiliate contents that offer you iPods and other stuff you probably already own?  Wouldn’t you rather have something truly PRICELESS?  Something that others in the industry would envy you over?

Well, good, because that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

We’ll be holding a top-level mastermind for the top 15 JV partners.  We’ll meet over the summer in Chicago and party and mastermind until our hearts content.

And unlike other contests, where you’re pitted against some of the biggest marketers in the world, and stand almost no chance of taking home a prize… you can continue promoting until April 15th to ensure a fair chance for all involved.

Here’s what the Mastermind will consist of:

  • 2 days of laid back mastermind in the most awesome city in the U.S. (Chicago)
  • 2 nights of hardcore partying and networking
  • dinner is on us for both nights and so is the first round of drinks

Why’s this cool?

Because it’s EASILY ACHIEVABLE.  Even if you’re not a “big shot” with a 50,000+ opt-in list, you can promote a few times between now and April 15th and still have a chance to reap this awesome reward.

Employ the full force of your promotional arsenal, and you could quite easily maneuver your way to this PRICELESS bonus, on top of your regular commissions.

About the Webinar

You can view the signup page here.  You can watch the webinar replay here.

This will be an automated webinar so there’s no need for you to be present on the webinar and we won’t be at the mercy of technical difficulties.

Each JV will be part of a 6 DAY CONVERSION KILLER SEQUENCE that will help increase your sales (4 emails promoting the webinar, 2 emails promoting the replay).  You just click a mouse… and we’ll send you some nice checks!  (Free money!)

The webinar is designed to pre-sell your customers by providing them with quality how-to information that will teach them methods that are working today, and get them excited for what’s to come in the course itself!  We’ll show them the exact system that we use to get massive amounts of free money and help from the government for ourselves and our clients.

About the Product

Your subscribers that purchase our Free Government Money Vault will be taught effective and cutting-edge marketing techniques that are guaranteed to get them their share of $15,362 in free money and help from the government to start or expand their business.  Click here to see “What Customers Get When They Purchase The Free Government Money Vault”.

The cost of the course is 2 payments of $197.  We also have a ninja replay sequence in place that continues to nudge them to invest in the course to maximize your earning potential.  If they don’t purchase at 2 payments of $197, we offer them other payment plans, trial offers and, finally, a 50% discount.

You will earn a 50% commission ($197) for each course you sell.  Sell just 55 courses… and we’ll send you a check for $10,835.00!  Sell 110… and you’ll earn $21,670.00.  Sell 207 (like one JV partner recently did)… and you’ll earn $40,779.00!  We mail out commission checks on the 6th of each month, for the previous month’s sales.

PLUS, we’ll send you 25% of your commissions WITHIN 15 DAYS*.  Which means… while you’re waiting for your big check… there’s already spendable cash on its way to you!  We’ll send you 65% of your commissions another 15 days after that.  And you’ll get the remaining 10% of your commissions after the 90 day refund period has expired.

If you would like product review access, please drop us an email to affiliates at

Reciprocal Promotions & Masses of Street Cred!

We always take care of our affiliates.  Since this opportunity is limited to go-getters and high achievers by nature, we have no problem offering a return promotion to the guys and gals who mail our offer to their lists HARD.

Promote us, and you get the exact same in return.  Here’s the leaderboard from a recent launch we promoted:

What’s more, if you push this HARD, you not only get maximum respect from the community (we’ll post a leaderboard)… but you win a spot in the mastermind AND the accolade of taking hold of a top-spot.

We can tell you, hitting the top leaderboard on a launch in our industry ALWAYS wins favors.  Other marketers will email you and personally congratulate you for winning a prize… eager to do countless business deals with you, and promote anything you release.

Getting that kinda street-cred is not to be underestimated.

What To Do Next…

Please Register as a Joint Venture Partner to support us… and you’ll receive your affiliate link, email swipes, promotional material and prize details on the next page…

Signup and you’ll receive a welcome email in the next 3-5 minutes containing your unique tracking link… complete access to your stats… and all the info you need to lock and load your upcoming Free Government Money Vault promotion.

We look forward to working with you!

Kindest regards,


Brian Bagnall & Matthew Lesko

P.S. REMEMBER… the KEY to making several thousand in affiliate commission is in pre-selling.  If you want HUGE affiliate commissions be sure to promote before the webinar AND after the webinar.

So if you’re going to promote, please make sure you do it properly so that *YOU* get the most out of your efforts.  If you mail all 6 emails, you’ll be thanking us later.

P.P.S. As soon as you get signed up we’ll send you all your swipe copy!